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White Beach
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Diving at Maeda Point

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Okinawa Weather Information 
Weather for Kadena AB, Camp Foster, Nago, & Okinawa Japan
Includes 5-day forecasts, current radar satellite shots, daily weather briefs,
typhoon & tropical storm tracking

typhoon charts at bottom of page
Current Radar Shots 
(click map =>  Nago's 5-day weather forecast)


Daily Weather Brief 

Okinawa weather analysis (from Futenma MCAS weather shop, downloads in ppt powerpoint)

5-day Kadena weather forecast
(from Kadena AB weather shop)

5-day Okinawa weather forecast (from weather underground)

Satellite & Radar Products

Looping radar image (shows current rainfall, like Doppler radar)
To enlarge Okinawa section - hover & click cursor over bottom left of radar image once it loads

Composite infrared satellite (Asia, Pacific, Europe, Africa, Middle East, USA)
AWESOME images - once link loads, click on geographic region for satellite image

Cloud coverage satellite shot (Pacific Region) - animated

Typhoons (& current tropical storms)

Typhoon Strike Probabilities (probability % that nearest typhoon will strike Okinawa)

Click maps for more details on each typhoon

 href= default

Mouse over and click on individual storm symbol(s) for more details & track (**requires updated browser)

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