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Pictures & Slideshows
Parks & Playgrounds
Maeda Point Slideshow
Cottages at Oura Wan
Diving at Sunabe Seawall
Diving at Maeda Flats



White Beach
Okuma Beach
Diving at Maeda Point



Pictures & Slideshows of Okinawa Japan

Welcome to Okinawa!   As you will see, the beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and crystal blue, postcard-picture waters are absolutely amazing. . .if you are fortunate enough to be stationed here, whether at Camp Foster, Kadena Air Base, or another military installation on island, you know how truly awesome it is.

We will continually be updating these - and we are testing out several different slideshow formats.  Let us know which is your favorite picture slideshow format! 

new slideshows  Panoramic slideshow & Diving at Maeda Point 

Aerial Photographs of Okinawa

Also check out our new google mashup map of Okinawa Japan. 

Welcome to OkinawA
Pictures of daily life
Pictures from the air


Okuma Beach & Recreation Center 


Torii Beach Slideshow
Map, aerial views of Torii Beach
Pictures of beach, camping, cabins, waterslide


White Beach SlideshowPictures of beach, pool, playground
Pictures of cabins and campers (trailers) for rent


Diving at Maeda Point Slideshow
Maps of diving, snorkeling, hiking



Okinawa Panoramic Slideshow
Panoramics of beaches (Ikei, White Beach, Okuma, Zanpa) 
Panoramic aerial views aerial views & city views of Camp Foster, Kadena, Okinawa City, Ginowan)

Old format
New Format!


Oura Wan Beach & Cabins
Children's Parks & Playground
Housing on and off base/post
New slideshow formats






Your reviews are what make this website more useful for helping other military members and DoD employees choose where to eat eat, relax, and explore this wonderful island of Okinawa   So if you have a picture, idea, or review to add, please send it along.  We'd love to incorporate it in our webpage.   Write a review