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As a military spouse on our second overseas move, and 5th move overall, I know how frustrating it is to find good information about moving to a brand new location in a foreign land - from the challenges of the actual PCS, to finding new restaurants to eat, places to relax, a good church to attend, schools for the kiddos - in short, starting life all over again.

Why we exist

We are here to help you enjoy life in Okinawa more.  That takes a lot of different angles.  For newcomers, it means we hope to provide you useful information for your transition, including tips on housing, household goods, finances, and more.  For those already here, we hope to provide you tips on taking advantage of the incredible outdoors and recreation that Okinawa has to offer, from beaches and children's parks, to hiking, scuba diving, camping, and more. 

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To have you help the next folks coming or arriving here by writing your reviews and thoughts. . .ideas that we can add here to help even more folks!!!