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Do you have a favorite restaurant you would love to share?  A favorite beach?  Any thoughts on PCSing that you wish you had known before coming here? 


Your reviews help others choose where they will eat, relax, and explore  - making their move to Japan smoother and helping them to enjoy their time even more on this wonderful island.

Welcome to Okinawa!

What exactly IS Time2PCS?

Military moving made easy. . .Military living & traveling made fun; overseas living demystified

Never a dull moment

Welcome to THE website for EVERYTHING on island, including:

  • newcomer's guides

  • moving tips

  • housing & living information

  • Japanese language & culture

  • beaches & parks

  • restaurant reviews

  • travel & daytrips

  • running, hiking, scuba diving

  • schools

  • weather

  • pictures & slideshows galore

  • maps, and more.

This website is ramping up quickly.  If you have a picture, idea, or review to add, please send it along.  We'd love to incorporate it in our webpage .  Write a review

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