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Do you have a favorite restaurant you would love to share?  A favorite beach?  Any thoughts on PCSing that you wish you had known before coming here? 


Your reviews help others choose where they will eat, relax, and explore  - making their move to Japan smoother and helping them to enjoy their time even more on this wonderful island.

Newcomer One-Liners: 

Quick snippets and sage advice on your overseas assignment

Vehicle Registration:  It is located on Camp Foster by the commissary and the bowling alley.

Road tax & car purchase:  When you purchase a car, road tax is due every May.  The amount of the road tax depends on the # found on the license plate:  a 300-series plate will cost you 17000Y (about $155/year) versus a 500-series plate which will cost you 7500Y (about $65/year).  This is because the 300-series vehicles have bigger engines.

Shipping:  All mail goes to San Francisco and is then shipped over here.  Priority mail takes 1-2 weeks depending on where in the U.S. it is sent from (West coast is obviously faster).  Parcel post is hit-or-miss (as long as 2-3 months; average of about 6-8 weeks).

STAP:  Spouse Tuition Assistance Program.  In short, up to $1500/year towards your degree.

American fast-food restaurants off-base/post:  McDonald's, A&W, KFC.  Menus slightly altered from stateside equivalents.

American fast-food restaurants on-base/post:  Anthony's Pizza, Subway, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Popeye's, Charlie's Steakery.

American sit-down food on base/post:  Chili's (on Kadena AB), Macaroni Grill (on Camp Foster).

Furniture store:  There is only one American furniture store and it is located on Camp Foster.  Many folks like the furniture off-base though and do buy stuff there.

Carpets:  You will want to consider bringing these.  Most of the newly renovated multiplex models do have carpet in them.  Older models do NOT have any carpet at all.  Carpet selection at the furniture store is usually very limited on colors.  NOTE:  You can ship your carpets without affecting your weight allowance.  How?  Click here for more information.

Curtains:  The exchanges are very limited on selection for curtain rods;  those they do have do not necessarily fit housing.  You may want to consider buying longer curtain rods that you like and then cutting them to fit.

Animals & Housing:  You cannot have an animal

Remember, you can TMO your carpets without effecting your weight limitations. You cannot have an animal in the Towers, so you need to pay attention to this if you plan on moving into quarters soon after arriving.    In the multiplexes and single family housing you can have animals but they take longer to get into.


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