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Do you have a favorite restaurant you would love to share?  A favorite beach?  Any thoughts on PCSing that you wish you had known before coming here? 


Your reviews help others choose where they will eat, relax, and explore  - making their move to Japan smoother and helping them to enjoy their time even more on this wonderful island.


Welcome to Okinawa



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About Okinawa

  • Maps!
  • Culture & Customs:
  • History:
  • Weather:  ever heard of a typhoon?  You will soon, and you will want to know how to prepare and how to respond.
  • Japanese language:  check out our handy language guide and brush up before you arrive

Moving information

  • PCS One-Liners: a must read of quick snippets and sage advice on your upcoming overseas assignment; what to bring and what not to bring (see also TMO furniture below)
  • On and Off-base housing: pictures, floor plans, links.
  • TMO furniture:  pictures, list of authorized items you may request
  • Finances:  your pay will definitely change.  OHA, COLA, and MIHA are terms you need to understand and see how they will affect your finances.
  • What time is it in Okinawa?  See clocks at top of every page.  Note too that in Okinawa, it is usually a day ahead of the U.S.  Your family will probably forget what time it is after you arrive, so don't forget to send them the homepage as a quick reference link before they call you at 3 in the morning.

Education Related information

  • Pre-schools
  • DOD schools:  (on-base schools for your dependents)
  • Higher education:  (universities offering undergraduate & graduate classes)
  • Homeschooling:
  • STAP:  Spouses!  Your tuition is partly covered while you are overseas too!  Don't forget to take advantage of this!

Arrival information

  • TLF
  • Driving & transportation:  yes, it is on the left side of the road.  More info here too about used cars, the lemon lots, bus system, and more.
  • On-base food delivery:  phone #s, menus
  • Wireless internet access points
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New to Okinawa or coming soon?  Have a question you do not see answered here?   Send us your question and we will do our best to find the answer for you!


Have you been to this beach?  Have additional thoughts to share?

  "#1,no way"
Oct 30, 2006 , new york
Rosemarys has no real ambiance, terribly overpriced for only moderately good food and too attentive service. Try Table 34 on Warm Springs for more romance at 1/2 the price
  "What is the fuss about?"
Oct 6, 2006 Whinbrook, London, England
Having read numerous A+ reviews on this establishment, we felt compelled to visit while on a touring holiday from the UK. Indeed it is $25 cab ride from the strip but I think we should have saved our...

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