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Finding a Used Car, Truck, or Van in Okinawa, Japan

One of the most difficult parts about moving/PCSing to Okinawa, Japan is finding a car right away.  We hope to make this process easier for you by bringing all of that information to your fingertips and helping you save time and money.

Up top we have a comparison for you on purchasing a car on-base versus off-base. 
Below are links to the various online & virtual lemon lots at Camp Foster, Kadena Air Base, and the dealerships outside the military installations.

Buying a Car Off Base...Any Benefits or Downsides???
Advantages Disadvantages
• Up to 18-month loan at 0% interest at the local dealerships (great if you make payments on time and do not have the money to pay upfront) •  No test drive (that's right, NO test drive.  You can start the engine and tour the car, but since all the cars are jammed in like sardines on the for-sale lots, there are no test drives
• 6 month to 12 month warranties (generally covering A/C, engine, transmission) • Higher price paid on vehicle (you are paying extra for the warranty and the dealership's overhead costs);  Also - warranty "replacement car" that some dealerships talk about...don't count on it.  BC Motors has a 1 month waiting list, Payless Motors is much shorter...
• Generally newer selection of vehicles versus the warranties  
JCI usually good for 2 years after purchase (JCI is a very extensive Japanese inspection done every 2 years on EVERY vehicle and runs from $250-750+, depending on problems found with the vehicle)  

Buying a Car On Base...

Advantages Disadvantages
• You can find better savings, especially from those with just days left on island who really need to sell their cars and are willing to discount •  No 0% interest loans.  Need full cash value up front or loan arranged via a bank beforehand.


• No warranties on the vehicle.  Make sure you give the car, van, or truck a good test drive.  Check the air conditioning - you will want this!!!


• JCI inspection may be coming due shortly (due every 2 years).  Make sure you check on the last date this was accomplished.  These must be done on all vehicles and they can be quite expensive, depending on the vehicle. 




Off-base dealerships
On-base Lemon Lot Options
BC Motors Japan Update Classifieds
Payless Motors Kadena Virtual Lemon Lot
  Military Circle Online Advertisements
  Kadena lemon lot located across from finance & MPF.  See map here for details.