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Where Do I find. . .a Shopping Bargain?



Picture shown: 100 Yen Store (Japanese equivalent of a dollar store, only better - and about 15 cents less due to the exchange rate!)   Picture shown:  Smaller versions of 100 Yen stores can also be found in most of the "San-A" stores as well as the Jusco’s –generally found on the second floor of both stores.   

Shopping Bargains

Oh, are there sweet deals to be had. . .save some space in your home for goods from these top money-saving locations. . .

¥100 (100Yen) stores: same concept here as the dollar store in the USA, only the goods seem a good bit higher quality.  Favorite cheap stuff:  dishes, hashi, and sake sets stationery to household goods to batteries to toys.  See pictures above....

Hamby Flea Market:  Next to Hamby town which is located right across from Camp Foster (and right next to Araha beach).  Look for the following sign and you'll know you are close:

Parking is available just down this street.  For more information, contact Hamby Garden Market (098-936-0885); Hamby Night Market (098-936-8997); and Hamby Free Zone (098-936-0220).  Also nearby are Pirateship Park & Araha Beach.

Thrift Shops: Great deals for super cheap prices!  Some highlights of items available - all kid's clothes at Kadena thrift shop are $1 each item;  1/2 price sales every couple of weeks

Foster Thrift Shop: 645-6025
Tues - Thurs 1000 - 1500
Saturday 0900 - 1400
Kadena Thrift Shop:  633-0436
Tues - Sat 0900 - 1400

Bazaars: your best bet for uniquely Japanese furniture or collectibles

Looking for something more unique? 
Check out the gift corners here. . .


Military (Base/Post) Flea Markets

For those missing out on U.S. garage and yard sales, check out the various flea market offerings by Camp Courtney, Camp Foster, Camp Kinser, and Chibana (next to Kadena, gate 3)

MCCS Flea Markets
Markets rotate on alternating weekends (Saturday & Sunday) at the following locations:

1st wknd:  Camp Foster 12-3
2nd:  Camp Courtney 7-10
3rd: Camp Kinser 12-3
4th: Camp Courtney 7-10 
5th (if applicable):
Camp Courtney 7-10

Booth setup is 1 hour prior and runs $15 (less for those nearing PCS time). For more information, call MCCS Special Events at 645-5829; open Mon-Fri 730-430pm.  More details for sellers here

Chibana Flea Markets
1st & 3rd weekend every month; 7-10 am for shopping

Booth setup is 1 hour prior and runs $10 per day, $5 if PCSing; make payment at Kadena Outdoor Recreation (634-2811), in Bldg 614 behind the Risner Fitness Center; reservations available only the week prior

Know of another great place for sweet bargains?  Send us your thoughts, pictures, and any information we might have missed.  We will add this to the page....