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Where do I find. . .in Okinawa Japan?

Browse here for jobs in Okinawa Japan, shopping bargains, cars for sale, the best beaches and scuba diving spots, gift corners, and more. 

New! Where to find a good local church (see bottom of page) 

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  Where do I find a job in Okinawa?
  • MCCS (Marine Corps Community Services)
  • Spouses to Teachers program
  • 18th Services job openings
  • AAFES job listings
  • Family Child Care Provider information
  • Kadena AB Human Resources Office (HRO) & NAF (Non-Appropriated Funds) jobs
  • Help wanted listings posted on Japan Update
  • Summer jobs for teenagers
  Where do I find a shopping bargain?

You will find great tips here on:

  • 100-yen stores
  • San-A and Jusco
  • Flea markets held by MCCS at Camp Foster, Camp Courtney, and Camp Kinser
  • Flea markets held at Chibana Housing (by Kadena)
  • Hamby town flea markets
  • Bazaars
  • Kadena AB & Camp Foster Thrift Stores
    . . .a used car, truck, or van?

Click here for the lowdown on buying used cars via:

  • The "Virtual Lemon Lot"
  • The base lemon lots
  • Online classifieds (japanupdate & milcir)
  • Dealerships such as BC, Payless Motors, & more


  . . .unique gifts for family and friends?

Heard of the gift corners?  Check them out here:

  • The Marine Gift Shop "Island Treasures"
  • Kadena Gift Corner & Furniture Annex
  • Navy Fleet Gift Shop - Home Store & Kid's Cottage

Find amazing jewelry, furniture, and interior decorations. . . all imported by military spouses from places like:

  • The Philippines
  • Hong Kong
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  . . .a good beach?

Some of the best beaches in the world are in Okinawa.  Many of them have cabins, camping, or cabanas for rent, in addition to various water sports like jetskis, paragliding, scuba diving, and snorkeling.   Check out these favorites:

  • Torii Beach
  • Okuma Beach & Recreation Center
  • Ikei Beach
  • White Beach


  . . .a good dive location?

Some of the best scuba diving in the world is also in Okinawa.  With Tsunami Gear & Kadena Marina, getting dive certified is relatively inexpensive.  Some of our favorite dive spots:

  • Maeda Point
  • Maeda Flats (great for snorkeling too!)
  • Diving with the Whale Sharks



  . . .alternatives to the base child development center (CDC)?



  . . .wireless internet access points?



    . . .a church in Okinawa? 

Great webpage to search for churches near all the military installations on island, such as Kadena AB, Camp Foster, Futenma MCAS, Camp Schwab, and more.

Find details here on church service times, online sermons, radio stations.

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