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Romantic Date Ideas

Fun, affordable dating ideas for couples living in or visiting Okinawa Japan.  From chartering a private sunset cruise, to renting out a private theater, we've got great ideas for you and your significant other or spouse.  We're looking for more great ideas, so if you have one you would like to share, click here.


Go for a Private Sunset Cruise

Charter a private sunset cruise boat for 1-2 couples.

Here's the finer details:
Departure times vary (dependent on sunset times)
You charter (rent out) the "Intrepid" for a relaxing private sunset cruise off of the coast of Okinawa.  The "Intrepid" is ideal for one or two couples.
Cruise includes snacks and beverages.
Cruise length is about 2 hours.  Boat driver IS included.
Call 634-6344 (Kadena Marina) to reserve a sunset cruise


Rent out a Private Theater

You'd think this would cost a hundred dollars, but check this alternative out. . . Rent out the private theater at the Kadena USO for just the two of you. . .

Here's the finer details:
$25 gets you the theater for your event (whatever that duration is. . .)
This gets you a private room, 6-foot wide screen, and includes use of the movie popcorn and soda machines
You pick the channel!  Screen is hooked up to cable/AFN You pick the movie! Note - movie must be PG-13, PG, or G rating
Theater can seat larger groups as well - up to 18 people total
Hours available are 9am-10pm, 633-0438 for reservations


  Learn to Sail

Learn what Gilligan should have been taught before his 3-hour tour. . .

Note - not a short date. . .usually requires a full weekend commitment.  :-)  Also costs a substantial bit more than your standard outing - good time to use that 10% club card discount!

Here's the finer details:
Lessons available from the beginner to the advanced level. 
Basic Keelboat 101(Beginner) courses are taught in a weekend series (Fri, 6-8 pm, Sat & Sun 8-4 pm) so you will need a chunk of time reserved.  Once complete, you are then qualified to rent one of Kadena Marina's Capri 18 sailboats and similar boats anywhere in the world.  Keelboat course is $220.
For those interested in sailing beyond the horizon, there are several offerings by the American Sailing Association (ASA), including Basic Coastal Cruising 103 (Intermediate), Bareboat Chartering 104 (Advanced) and Coastal Navigation 105.
Intermediate and advanced sailing courses are taught as part of a private weekend charter trip to the Kerama Islands aboard the 32-ft classic American Yacht Intrepid, with your ASA sailing instructor as the skipper.

    Romantic Dinner with a View

Check out the following restaurants that also have great views. . .

Transit Cafe  (Review, directions coming soon)
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