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Zanpa (or Zampa) Beach & Lighthouse Cliffs, Okinawa

Recommended for:  Anyone, especially Families

Located on West side of Okinawa on Yomitan Peninsula
~ 30 minutes (assuming minimum traffic) from Kadena, 45 minutes from Foster.  Allow 15-30 minutes extra for traffic on Hwy 6/58.  

Top picture viewable in panoramic slideshow   Directions (at bottom of page)

Zampa Beach Review

CostFree entrance
Special Features:

  • Calm water, gently sloped, soft sand!

  • Huge beach area with space to spreadout  (though it does get crowded on weekends)

  • Within walking distance of Bolo Point and lighthouse, beautiful cliffs, Zanpa Misaki Recreation Park and the Zanpa Misaki hotel

  • Roped-off swimming area, anchored rafts that are fun to swim out to

  • Water equipment and sports, including banana boats, water trikes

Note:  Cape Zampa is also referred to in many places as Cape Zanpa (with an 'n' instead of an 'm').

Cape Zampa Fishing

  • Cape Zampa has beautiful views, multiple walking trails, and is an excellent place to catch Spanish mackerel and tuna

  • Popular fishing bluffs next to the lighthouse and along the cliff line, easy access trails

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Popular dive spots, snorkeling locations & nearby attractions

Important phone numbers
Torii Scuba Locker - 644-4290
Kadena Marina scuba locker 634-6344 / 6968

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Detailed Description
Just a few miles past Torii beach (though probably 20 minutes due to traffic at times) lie the beautiful, calm waters of Zampa beach.  Zampa beach is a great day outing, with lighthouse tours right next door (steep steps & lots of them, about Y150 to climb), a huge grassy park around the corner, phenomenal cliff views, and a great beach with tons of water activities.

Take Hwy 58 northbound to Route 6.  Turn left on route 6 and follow signs to Zampa (Zanpa) beach and lighthouse.  Road will take you right next to the beach and dead-end 1/2 mile later at the lighthouse/park area.  Parking available here and along the road just after and before the beach.