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Torii Beach, Okinawa

Recommended for:  Young singles, Couples, Families w/ young children

Located on Torii Station Army base on the beautiful Yomitan Peninsula 
Only 4 kms North from Kadena AB's Gate 1 (~15 minute drive).  Directions.

Tel:  644-4659 (Torii MWR)

Torii Beach Slideshow   Map of Torii Beach at bottom of page (plus seawall, cabins, Kadena AB, camping locations)

Torii Beach Review

CostFree entrance to DOD beaches
Special Features:

  • Super large section of beach (space to spreadout!)

  • Cabins for rent, camping spots

  • Great sea-glass collecting

  • Waterslide (open spring-fall) - Mid May thru end Oct; NEW:  shade for baby pool, deck furniture, water slide, aquatic programs.  Closed midweek.  Call Torii Aquatics for more.

  • Sand volleyball courts

  • Pavilions for rent (for additional rental items, click here)

  • FRIDAYS - Torii Beach Turtle Theater (outdoors, after sunset, weather permitting).  Free admission.  Call MWR for more information.

Notes:   Bring sandals or water shoes (lots of coral & seaglass on beach)

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Important phone numbers

Torii MWR -  644-4659
Torii Scuba Locker - 644-4290
Torii Aquatics - 644-4389/4334

Torii Physical Fitness Center (Torii 10-miler, sports): 644-4334/4169

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Detailed Review   
Torii Beach is located on Torii Station Army Base on the beautiful Yomitan Peninsula.  Torii Beach is well-kept and has great views.  The reefs are shallow and very close to shore (easier on the kiddos).  Since the waves are generally very mild, this also makes for an excellent snorkeling location.   The wind can pick up though offshore, so you will often see kiteboarders here as well. 

Torii Beach is quiet in the winter months - great time to visit for sea-glass collecting and just relaxing.  Late spring thru early fall brings the opening of the water slide area and Armed Forces Radio, which often plays on the P.A. system.  The sand volleyball courts pick up action as well.  Torii Scuba locker is busy enough during summertime to install a turnstile.  Check out Torii Scuba Locker here Torii Scuba Locker arranges diving with the whale sharks as well.

Torii Beach additionally offers four camping areas, each equipped with bathrooms and grills, as well as pavilion rentals (see slideshow for pictures of both).  For reservations call Torii MWR.  Alternatively, you may find more information on the cabins here.

Torii Beach Cabins:

  • House 1-6 people
  • Private bathroom
  • Indoor & outdoor furniture
  • Refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, TV & DVD player, BBQ Grill
  • $50 per night

Head north on Highway 58 (from both Kadena AB & Camp Foster).  Go through the Kadena circle and continue north on 58.  Watch the blue highway signs for Highway 6 (white signs will also indicate "Cape Zanpa").  Turn left on highway 6....Torii Station is about 4 km ahead on your left (you will see the tell-tale military fence and then see a large red Torii gate at the main entrance). 

Map of Torii Beach, Kadena City & Seawall