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Sunset Beach, Okinawa Japan

Located across from Camp Lester 
Right next to Mihama American Village

Free public recreational beach


Sunset Beach Review

CostFree entrance.
Special Features:

  • Pavilions, picnic tables - super close to Camp Lester and Kadena Air Base

  • Great beach - water is shallow, swimming area usually roped off for safety

  • Sits just around the corner from Mihama American Village, just a stroll away to restaurants, shopping, and a break from the water

  • Waterslide located at end of beach by the seawall



Other DoD Beaches and Popular Nearby Attractions

Important phone numbers

Torii MWR -  644-4659
Torii Scuba Locker - 644-4290
Torii Aquatics - 644-4389/4334

Torii Physical Fitness Center (Torii 10-miler, sports): 644-4334/4169

Have you been to Torii Beach, Okuma, or White Beach?  Send us your thoughts, pictures, and any information we might have missed.  We will add this to the page....


Detailed Review   
Sunset Beach is an artificial, man-made beach placed just a short stroll past/behind Mihama American Village.  Plenty of places to relax on the sand or up in the shade of a pavilion.  As you can guess from the name of the beach, this is a spectacular spot to watch the sun go down.  Seawall alongside provides a decent walk, though it ends pretty quickly. 

The water is very shallow and super calm - perfect for a quick dip to get your feet wet and very safe for the little ones.  Not a ton of sand here nor adjoining park (like you will find at nearby Araha beach and Pirateship Park and you will not find the crazy, intense aqua blue waters of Torii Beach, but it is still fun, convenient, and a great spot to catch a sunset sometime.