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Oura Wan Beach &
The Cottages at Oura Wan

Recommended for:  Couples, Families

Located on North-East side of Okinawa on Camp Schwab
~ 30-45 minutes (expressway vs. main roads) 
Directions below.

Tel:  645-2455 Reservations Line (open Mon-Fri 8-430); 625-5005 (Cottages Office) or
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Oura Wan Beach Review

CostFree entrance to DOD beaches
Special Features:

  • Swimming area, ski boats with operators, water trykes and ocean kayaks, windsurfers, jetskis all available for rent, as well as charters for scuba diving or fishing trips. 

  • Volleyball courts, covered pavilions, snackbar

  • 10 stand-alone cabins (cottages) available for rent - 2 of these are reserved for VIPs (flag officers and civilians above the GS-15 pay grade )

  • Cottages sit on top of a cliff overlooking the beach and Oura Wan Bay; cottages have full-size kitchens, private patios, and spacious interiors

  • Check-in not available until 1600 (keys dropped off at that time to "The Beachhead" building and restaurant where you can pick them up.  If you arrive early, check in at the office on top of the hill to see if rooms are ready.

FREE sailboat lessons on Saturdays at 9 am during the summer months of May-Sep.  Space limited to 3 students per class.  By reservation only - call 625-3683.  Reservations open on the 15th of each month.  

During the lessons, you learn to sail a 14 foot sailboat around the bay. Once the lesson is complete, you have the boat to yourself to cruise the bay until 2 pm.  After this, you can rent a sailboat  at Oura Wan Bay for $10/hour or $50/day (note - if you already have previous sailing experience, you must pass a quick licensing and orientation test. . .basically covers safety issues and defines boundaries/limits of the bay.

If planning to rely on "The Beachhead" restaurant, HIGHLY recommend you confirm in advance that they will be open during days/times you plan on using them.  Also, "The Beachhead" Restaurant is substantially dislocated from the beach and cottage area (i.e. you will definitely need to drive there).

Mid-range shoppette - enough for staples like milk, eggs, but not enough to provide for full meals.  If you plan on cooking in the cottages, definitely hit the commissary before you come.


Other DoD Beaches and Popular Nearby Attractions

Important phone numbers

MCCS Camp Schwab Reservations 625-5005 
Oura Wan Boating 625-3683

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Detailed Review   
The Cottages at Oura Wan on Camp Schwab are high-class - much better than your standard MWR lodging facility.  The cottages are each inspired with their own unique Ryukyun (Okinawan) decoration themes.  Comfortable queen beds are found in the bedrooms and sofa sleepers (more on the lump side) in the living rooms.

Great attention to detail at Oura Wan - You will find a fully equipped kitchen with tile floors throughout, modern cabinets, full sized fridge, 2-burner stove, microwave, pots, pans, dishes, silverware, etc.  Only things missing are an oven, the 2 extra burners, and a dishwasher.  Outside you will find a decently sized patio deck complete with Weber gas barbecue grill and even an extra propane tank.  Cable TV, DVD players, and Playstation2 are also provided.  Additional information on amenities available at the MCCS cottages is available here.

From Friday to Monday, you can rent kayaks, sailboats, jetskis, windsurfs, or charter a boat (yes, you can charter a boat for your own personal scuba diving or fishing outing!).   Also, take note that on Saturdays, the Oura Wan boating center offers FREE sailboat lessons at 9 am.  These are by reservation only, so do call in advance to 625-3683. 

Planning your trip - don't forget which days the boating center is open.  If you want to rent watersports equipment, schedule reservations for Friday thru Monday.  If you like an extra quiet & private beach, schedule the cottage from Tuesday thru Thursday since the boating is closed on these days.

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Directions  COMING SOON
EXPRESSWAY METHOD (~30 minutes -
SHORTER, but also about $10 extra roundtrip)
Forewarning - don't forget to bring Japanese YEN!!!
Thank yourself for skipping a ton of lights and crazy traffic..  Follow remaining directions as noted below.

Highway Method (45-50 minutes - lots of lights, more traffic, but $10 roundtrip cheaper)