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Okuma Beach &
Recreation Center

Recommended for:  Young singles, Couples, Families w/ young children

Located on North end of Okinawa (on West side on a peninsula) 
1.5-2 hours North from Kadena Air Base (Gate 1), generally faster via expressway. 
Directions at bottom of page.

Tel: Reservations at 631-1850/1857,via email at or online

Okuma Beach Slideshow   Map of Okuma Beach (at bottom of page)

Okuma Beach Review

CostFree entrance to DOD beaches
Special Features:

  • Cabanas for rent (call early, these book quicker than the cabins & camping!!!).  Reservations now available online! 

  • Log cabins for rent - air-conditioned, with bunkbeds

  • Camping spots - pitch your tent right next to the beach with showers and bathrooms nearby

  • Campsites divided into two sections - a family area and a singles area (much smaller, private beach located by singles camping area - though a bit on the rocky side)

  • Playground for younger children with adjacent large grassy field & play area

  • Two main beaches - one with watersports equipment (boats, jetskis, kayaks for rent) and oriented towards families; other beach oriented towards couples & singles

  • Miniature golf course

  • 9-hole par-3 golf course

  • Restaurant on-site serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • Wireless internet available at Waverunner Lounge


Other DoD Beaches and Popular Nearby Attractions

Important phone numbers

Schilling Recreation Center (Okuma Resort Information Line) -  632-4386 
Reservations 631-2300/1850, Email: (Email requests will be answered within 24 hrs)

Have you been to Torii Beach, Okuma, or White Beach? Send us your thoughts, pictures, and any information we might have missed.  We will add this to the page....

Detailed Review   
Okuma Beach & Recreation Center is a 135-acre jointly run MWR facility located on the north side of the island, about two hours away from Kadena Air Base and Camp Foster.  The resort at Okuma sits on a small peninsula (see map & picture below) with beaches on either side.

Okuma Beach is well-kept and has fantastic views from both shores.  Probably the best aspect of Okuma is the access and availability of watersports - including snorkeling, jet skiing, parasailing, paddle boats, glass-bottom boat rides, water skiing, sunset cruises, boat scuba diving, and more.  All of the equipment can be rented at Okuma for quite reasonable rates, so if you are short on space you do not need to worry about packing all of your gear.  You will find the boathouse located on the south beach, centrally located across from the cabins and next to the camping and playground (see map below)

Cabins and camping have set rates.  Cabana room rates are priced by rank.  There are two bedroom and 1 bedroom (two bedroom suite has 2 full-size beds and a double-size sleeper sofa

Shoppette has sports equipment, DVDs, and board games available for checkout.  Note - this shoppette is minimal in size and limited in groceries - basic necessities only and more snack-oriented than meal-oriented. 

If you have recommendations or thoughts from your visit to Okuma, please click here

EXPRESSWAY METHOD (1:15 - 1:45 minutes - SHORTER, but also about $15 extra roundtrip)

Forewarning - don't forget to bring Japanese YEN!!!
- Head out Kadena's gate 2, making a right turn at the 2nd light.  This ramp joins route 23.
- Merge to your right lane.  At the first light, just after the McDonalds, turn right (entrance to expressway!).
- Take the "Nago" ramp and stay on the expressway until it ends (just south of Nago city).  Pay your appropriate fee.  Thank yourself for skipping 45 lights and crazy traffic on Hwy 58.  Follow signs towards Nago city.  Follow remaining directions as noted below.

Highway 58 Method (1:45-2:15 minutes - lots of lights, more traffic, but $15 roundtrip cheaper)
- Head north on Hwy 58 to Nago City. 
(Expressway directions join here)

- At the Hwy 449 and Hwy 58 intersection in Nago, you will merge to the right in order to stay on Hwy 58.
(intersection marked by baseball field on left & "BEST" appliance store on the right corner.
- Continue north on Hwy 58 for another 25 km.
- Look for a "JAL Okuma" billboard on the left (white sign with blue writing).  Turn left at the sign.
- Continue for 2 km. You will pass through the "JAL Okuma" resort just before reaching the Okuma gate.

Map of Okuma Beach & Recreation Center