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Ikei Beach, Okinawa

Recommended for:  Young singles, Couples, Families w/ young children

Located on Ikei Island
About 1 hour East-North-East of Kadena (about 20-30 minutes from White Beach)

Tel:  644-4659 (Torii MWR)

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Ikei Beach Review

Cost Entrance fee - Y400 adult, Y300 children (under 4 free); shower Y100.
Special Features:

  • One of the most beautiful beaches on Okinawa, great sand, plenty of space to spread out and enjoy yourself

  • More secluded and quiet due to the drive required to get to Ikei island

  • Chairs, sunshades, etc available for rent

  • Food available for purchase

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Notes:  No charcoal grilling, scuba diving, snorkeling.  Large parking lot next door (40-50 cars).


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Detailed Review   
Welcome to a small chunk of paradise!  Gorgeous tropical beach of fine white sand, pristine blue water, and cool rock outcroppings.   

Take Hwy 8 to Hwy 10 on Katsuren Peninsula. Cross causeway. Take first Right on Henza Island and follow the road up the eastern side of the island. You will cross back over to the western side, going over a red bridge and through/under two concrete passes. First left immediately after these.