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Okinawa Japan Diving

From Bolo Point to Maeda Point and Maeda Flats, to Kadena Marina and Sunabe Seawall, Okinawa has a TON to offer for dive spots and locations.  Okinawa's reefs provide refuge for all sorts of marine life.  While a great majority of dive sites in the world require boats to access diving areas, the vast majority of sites on the island of Okinawa are accessible quickly by car.  Check out these scuba diving options. . .

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  Maeda Point
  • 20-100 feet in depth
  • Phenomenal cliff views
  • Beautiful Yomitan Peninsula
  • Hiking trails & viewpoints
  Diving with Whale Sharks
  • 20-60 feet in depth
  • Allow for 1/2 day for boat drive out to netted area
  • Pricey, but a memory-maker!
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  Diving at Sunabe Seawall 
  • Very close to Kadena AB & Camp Foster (great when you don't have a huge amount of time)
  • Shallower, calmer waters
  • Restaurants & Mihama American Village next door for when you finish diving
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  Diving at Maeda Flats
  • Next door to Maeda Point, but less crowded
  • Secluded beach
  • Great reef-walking when tide is low

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