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Okinawa Beaches & Recreation Centers

From Ikei to Okuma, Torii to Zanpa, Okinawa offers a huge variety of beaches and recreation centers to kick back and relax.  Okinawa's beaches are mostly sandy with gentle slopes and shallow shores - all of which make for great beaches for families and especially those with small children. 

The waves at many of these beaches break well offshore due to the extensive coral reefs that break up the stronger waves.  At some beaches, like Torii Beach and White Beach, a good amount of this coral (and sometimes sea-glass) washes onshore - best to wear some sort of watershoes on these beaches to protect your feet.

Don't see your favorite beach here?  Heard of an even better one?  Have more information on the beaches below?  Let us know...

Where are these beaches?  Check out our new bird's eye view google mashup map of Okinawa Japan. 

  Okuma Beach & Recreation Center
  • Private, quieter north side of the island
  • Water equipment for rent (ski-doos, snorkeling)
  • Camping, Cabins, and Cabanas for Rent
  • Restaurants, Golf (par-3 course)
  • See Okuma Picture & Photograph slideshow

  The Cottages at Oura Wan (Beach)
  • Private, quieter north(west) side of the island
  • Water equipment for rent and charter (diving, fishing)
  • 10 deluxe & fully equipped cottages for rent - all sit on top of hill overlooking beach and Oura Wan Bay



Torii Beach
  • Great sea-glass collecting, especially in winter
  • Fantastic wind-surfing
  • Close to Kadena AB
  • Camping & Cabins for Rent
  • Dive shop
  • Sand volleyball
  • See Torii Beach Picture & Photograph Slideshow

  White Beach
  • Private, quieter eastern side of the island (about 25-35 minutes from Kadena)
  • Beautiful water
  • Camping trailers and campspots right next to beach
  • Secluded cabins for rent
  • Free swimming pool
  • See White Beach Picture & Photograph Slideshow

Public (non-DoD operated) BeachesThe non-Dod beaches - like Ikei, Manza, Tropical beach, Araha, Zanpa, and Moon beach - are run by resort hotels, businesses, or the local city.  These beaches usually have toilets, showers to wash off the sand, and sometimes food stalls or vendors nearby.  Many have tents, sunchairs, and pavilions for rent as well.

  Ikei Beach
  • Quiet, secluded beach on Ikei island
  • About 1 hour East-North-East of Kadena
  • Small fee
  • Beautiful sands and water


  Sunset Beach
  • Located right across from Camp Lester
  • Just a stroll away from Mihama American Village
  • Great (fast) waterslide right next door
  • Fantastic place to watch the sunset (thus the name)


  Zanpa Beach & Lighthouse Cliffs
  • Parks, lighthouse right next door 
  • Very popular area/beach in the summer
  • Amazing cliffs, great rockclimbing & fishing around the corner
  • Multiple pictures & panoramic photographs