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Diving with Whale Sharks in Okinawa

Recommended for:  The not faint of heart (they're not dangerous, but they are HUGE)

Located by Yomitan Village (near Torii Station Army base
Only 4 kms North from Kadena AB's Gate 1 (~15 minute drive)

Tel:  644-4290 (Torii Scuba Locker)


Pictured above:  Whale Shark at the Churami Aquarium   Have a picture of diving here?  Send it along.  

Diving With Whale Sharks Review

Entry:  Somewhat sporty over the coral when the tide is out.
Recommended skill level:  not recommended for your very first dive; mid-range skills
Depth 25-60 feet. 
Animal life you might see here umm....the whaleshark?
Special Notes & Cautions about diving here:

  • Torii Scuba Locker arranges the dives
  • Cost is $115 per diver
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Important phone numbers


Detailed Description   

Available off of the Yomitan Peninsula.  Hook up with Reef Encounters, Torii Station Dive Locker, or Kadena Marina for the latest on prices (currently, as of Aug 07, $115 per diver).  Dive usually lasts about 1 hour, but you have to catch a boat ride out to the area they have the sharks netted off inside - takes a couple extra hours for all the extra spin-up, boat drive, the dive itself, and the return. 


Highly recommended by two friends of ours who have done this.  Some folks also buy the video afterwards (a bit pricey).