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Diving at Maeda Point, Okinawa Japan

Recommended for:  Great views, great diving (thus crowded on weekends with dive schools and groups!).  Also for Hiking!

Located next to Cape Maeda
~30-45 mins directly north on 58 from Gate 1 (Kadena)  

Maeda Point Slideshow (NEW)   Directions

Maeda Point Dive Review

Entry:  Somewhat sporty over the coral when the tide is out.
Recommended skill level:  not recommended for your very first dive; mid-range skills
DepthAt the reef's edge and to the right, ~20 feet; to the left of the reef and past the edge ~100 feet (almost completely vertical dropoff).  Fantastic wall that drops down to about 50 meters/150 feet at some points. 
Visibility:  Excellent.  About 50-60 feet on average.
Animal life you might see here
eels, anemone, lionfish, schools of squid, tube worms, clownfish, a turtle if you're lucky
Recommended for snorkelingYes.
Special Notes & Cautions about diving here:

  • Check the sea conditions at Maeda Point before you suit up.  It is not recommended to dive if the surf exceeds 2 feet.

  • Save some energy for the climb back up the steps with all of your gear

  • Sometimes VERY popular on the weekends.  Start early if you wish to avoid a crowd.

  • Bring some yen to pay for parking (about 100 yen per hour)

Hiking & Trails

Though more famous for its excellent scuba diving opportunities, Maeda Point has excellent pathways and walking trails.  These trails lead to some of the best scenic views and vistas of the beautiful Yomitan Peninsula. 

Though the trails are short and sweet overall, there are steps throughout (so not ideal for those trying to walk with a stroller or super young kiddos).  There are two main trails - one begins to the left of the main rest center.  One begins to the right of the rest center just above the steps going down to the dive entry point. 

Checkout our new slideshow for some of these views. 

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Important phone numbers
Torii Scuba Locker - 644-4290
Kadena Marina scuba locker 634-6344 / 6968

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Detailed Review   
Welcome to what is probably the most popular and well-known dive spot in Okinawa.  Entry is gradual (good for beginners) and assisted by recent construction of a (substantial) flight of steps leading down to the water.  

The shoreline is steep at Maeda Point (thus the need for steps to get down to the dive site).  This rapidly changing topography continues underwater as well.  While there is a reef that runs parallel to the shoreline, just to the left of the reef (as viewed from above on descent to the site), the dropoff is almost completely vertical, allowing for deepwater dives just offshore to approximately 100 feet in depth.

After you dive - consider staying for a moment or you might miss one of the spectacular sunsets at Maeda Point - made all the more incredible by the waves splashing off of the substantial shoreline cliffs and the suns rays punching through the partly overcast skies.

Take Hwy 58 northbound.  When you reach the "Renaissance Hotel", take a hard left onto Hwy 6.  Within 2 miles you will see a large white sign saying "Cape Maeda".  Turn right here.  Road appears like it is dying off, but keep going.  It will dead end in a few hundred yards into the parking lot.  Note that there is a 100Y per hour fee now to park.