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Cottages at Oura Wan
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White Beach
Okuma Beach
Diving at Maeda Point

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Welcome, Newcomer to Okinawa

Congratulations on your upcoming assignment to Okinawa, Japan!  We hope you enjoy your stay, the beautiful weather, and the unique culture. 

If we can help you in any way as you PCS/move to Japan, or after you arrive please let us know,.  Found something we missed?  Help your fellow military members and pass the information along, along.

About Okinawa

  • Maps of Okinawa

  • Google Map of Okinawa:  overlaid with Beaches, Parks, & Scuba Diving

  • Weather:  5-day weather forecasts, typhoon and tropical storm tracking, doppler radar and infrared images for Okinawa Japan, including Kadena AB, MCAS Futenma, Naha, and other military installations

  • Typhoon Preparedness:  Ever heard of a typhoon?  You will soon, and you will want to know how to prepare and how to respond.  Coming soon 

  • Pictures & Photograph slideshows:  Pictures of Okinawa life, aerial photographs, pictures of beaches, parks, scuba diving

Moving information

  • PCS Tips:  These Before Moving & After Arrival tips are a must read of quick snippets and sage advice on your upcoming overseas assignment. 

  • On and Off-base housing: pictures, floor plans, links.  Coming Soon 

  • NEW!  Weight restriction:   All accompanied members PCSing to Kadena AB on Okinawa are now allowed their full weight allowance.  Read more about this on our blog here.

  • TMO furniture:  Did you know that you can receive some furniture items, free to use (as long as you don't damage them) for the duration of your stay?  Click here (Coming Soon) for pictures of this furniture or for the list of authorized items you may request. 

  • Finances:  OHA, Cola, MIHA?  See our After Arriving tips for explanations of these terms and for how these new parts of your paycheck will affect your finances. 

  • What TIME is it in Okinawa?  See clocks at top of every page.  Note too that in Okinawa, the time shown is the NEXT day (Friday afternoon in U.S. is Saturday morning in Okinawa.  Don't forget to send the homepage to your family so as a quick reference link when you move so they don't call you at 3 in the morning.

  • Churches in Okinawa:  check out this website to look for off-base churches near Kadena AB, Camp Foster, Futenma, and other U.S. military installations on island.

  • NEW!  Schools:  Click here for more information on Department of Defense Dependent Schools in Okinawa Japan.


Housing info, cars, pets, wireless internet, restaurant reviews
More pictures & slideshows of Okinawa

Didn't find what you were looking for here?  Email us your question and we will find the answer for you. . .